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How to Broadcast an SSID on a specific AP radio only

RUCKUS Team Member

To have the SSID broadcasted only on specific radios we need to have a separate WLAN group that can be mapped to an AP group radio.

Step 1:  Go to Network -> Wireless LANs and create a Wlan group.



Step 2: While creating the SSID, map the SSID to the newly created WLAN group or you can also edit the current SSID setting to map the SSID to the newly created WLAB group.


Step 3: Go to Network -> Access Points. You can either edit the AP Group level configuration or edit any specific AP with the same zone as the created SSID.

Click on edit on access point group or AP and navigate the Band/Spectrum configuration and client on override ‘WLAN group’ and select the WLAN group which has the radio-specific SSID mapped.


Note: If an SSID needs to be broadcasted on both radios make sure the SSID is added on all required WLAN groups.


New Contributor

bro how to hide ssid. ? only need to disbaled broadcast ssid ?