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How the APs discover the IP address of the controller?

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How Standalone APs Learn Controller Addresses

If your APs will be managed by a controller, you will need some way to ensure that the APs can discover the controller on the network. There are several different ways to do this, and the specific controller user documents contain more details on discovery for that particular controller product family.

This section provides a brief overview of the options available for controller discovery.

Ruckus Cloud

Ruckus APs discover Ruckus Cloud controllers by querying the Ruckus Cloud AP Registrar ( via HTTPS to learn the Ruckus Cloud address. APs will search for a Ruckus Cloud controller more frequently after initial boot up, and less frequently after the first 14 days.

Standalone APs will query the Registrar with the following frequency:



SmartZone APs discover SmartZone controllers using any of the following methods:


APs discover ZoneDirector controllers using any of the following methods:
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