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Hide SSID on vsz / sz

RUCKUS Team Member


As a Ruckus TAC engineer, I would like to share a knowledge article about how to hide the SSID on smart zones.

We can access the option to hide the SSID from the controller's GUI and CLI.


Hide SSID from Controller GUI:


In controller GUI we can access the option under below path:


Wlan >> (select wlan) >> configure >> Advance options >> Broadcast SSID








To hide the SSID, we must disable this option, and to enable SSID, we must enable it.


Hide SSID from Controller CLI:



Similarly, we can access the option via the controller CLI with the following commands:


vSZ-E-31(config)# zone <zone name>

vSZ-E-31(config-zone)# wlan <wlan name>

vSZ-E-31(config-zone-wlan)# hide-ssid


Below is the example form my controller:





We can see and check the SSID hide configuration from the AP support logs using the logs lines below:




Below is an example from my AP support logs:





New Contributor

hi any info how to use different ssid on many R310 model..controlller using SZ