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how to set default secondary Flash image

Hi,  we are using ICX7150 switch for router feature, therefor i had use the below command for using secondary image and reload the switch in the secondary image. but, while i reboot the switch, its up by primary image only. # boot system flash Secon...

Am I able to get my secondary boot code to primary?

Hi all, Running a Ruckus ICX7150-C12-POE and I followed the upgrade process from https://docs.commscope.com/bundle/fastiron-08090-upgradeguide/page/GUID-5DD7EE86-6988-4CA7-81D2-22EA77BD1992.html to upgrade to 08.0.90j on my switch.  After copying ov...

issues with ICX 1750 C12P

I have an ICX 1750 c12P that seems to be brain dead? The syst LED is amber, is that normal?  I thought it should be green? None of the status LEDs are on, pressing the status button nothing happens. I tried to do a factory reset per the manual, (h...

ICX Switches - Port Name or Tags?

Hi All, New to the Ruckus ICX line and Ruckus Cloud... so pardon my "freshie-ness" If I wanted to be able to identify a port on my ICX7650 by what is plugged into it, am I better off using the "name" field or the "tags" field on the port? (assuming...