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How to recover from a lost password ICX switches

RUCKUS Team Member

Here is a basic guide on how to recover from a lost password ICX:

Recovery from a lost password requires direct access to the serial port and a system reset.

Start a CLI session over the serial interface to the RUCKUS ICX device.
Reboot the device.
While the system is booting, before the initial system prompt appears, enter b to enter the boot monitor mode. (when you are in boot mode it should look like this: 7150>boot)
Enter no password. (You cannot abbreviate this command.)
Enter boot or boot from the image that you prefer (boot_primary, boot_secondary). This command causes the device to bypass the system password check.
After the console prompt reappears, assign a new password.
Config # enable super password pass

Here is an example of no password:

password recovery sample output.PNG

If you are running 9.0.10 code or newer versions, please use this method instead:

Press Ctrl and Y to enter OS configuration mode.
Enter reset_login to reset login details.
OS> reset_login

This is a temporary login. Please reconfigure users once you login.


Note: You must enter super for Login and sp-admin for password.
Enter the exit command to return to user EXEC mode. Press enter. You are prompted for your username (super) and password (sp-admin)

Here is an example of the password recovery process for 9.0.10