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What code should I run on my ICX? Check the Target Path Selection Guide!


Hey All,

Have you ever wondered what code Ruckus officially recommends you run on your ICX? You are in luck. We have a Target Path Selection Guide that is a great starting point for most customers. While this document will not cover every single scenario or customer, it is what you should reference when selecting code for ICX devices. This document is updated occasionally and will change over time.

The direct page is here:

You can also find recommendations directly on the product's support page. To find the information this way, navigate to:

From there, select the 'Choose a Product' dropdown, select your switch model and then select the 'Documents' tab. 

I have attached a screenshot from our ICX7850 page highlighting the important areas of the page.

Image_ images_messages_612925da888f1a423d1b5bc2_18c1791fde8959f12b0e7b855fa7b648_targetpath-e35942aa-ed41-4c54-b69d-762eec03bb0c-423478959.PNG

Ben Beck, RCNA, Principal Technical Support Engineer