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v/SZ upgrade path | What is the supported upgrade path from version 3.4.x or lower to 5.2.2?

RUCKUS Team Member

The recommended upgrade path is:

3.4.x>>3.6.2 >> 5.2.2


In addition to the controller's upgrade, it's recommended to update the application signature package. This is an application database that the APs use to recognize applications used by the users of the wireless network, Its main purpose is for security configuration and statistics.

How to upgrade the sigpack?

Manually upgrade the signature package by navigating to Firewall > Application Control > Signature Package. (more details can be found in Administrator Guide, in the section Working with Application Signature Package)

Download here the sigpack for

Refer to the below links to download the software. Bear in mind the vSZ may require some adjustments in RAM memory and disk space. I am also sharing a link to verify that based on the number of APs in your controller.

Download 3.6.2 software for virtual SmartZone

Download software for virtual SmartZone

Check the minimum requirements for vSZ depending on the number of managed APs before you upgrade to 5.2.2

Visit the RUCKUS support site to get the software for SZ100 or SZ144.


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