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Why my M510 AP in Ruckus Cloud not providing IP addresses to connected clients?

Community Admin
Community Admin

In this self help topic, we will discuss and explain a design intent of M510 where it doesn't pass IP to clients if local DHCP server is not configured.

What is the problem?

Wireless clients connecting on a M510 access point (Cloud managed) are not getting IP address.

What is the Root Cause?

This is as per product design.

As per the M510 design, a local DHCP configuration is must on the AP because this AP has dual WAN connection capabilities with LTE SIM. In case of LTE connection, there is no way to pass IP over DHCP from ISP network, thus local DHCP is must on the AP.

What are the Symptoms?

There are two major symptoms if you hit this design intent:

  1. M510 on Ruckus Cloud with a DPSK SSID
    • In this type of configuration, you will not be able to enable Network (SSID) on the venue, if there is one or more M510 AP in it.
    • System will show "Activating network" the WLAN and it will circle in loop.
    • If you refresh the page, WLAN will show in disable state.

  2. M510 on Ruckus Cloud with a non-DPSK SSID (any auth type than DPSK)
    • System will not show any error.
    • It will allow you to enable SSID on the venue with M510 AP in it.
    • Client will be able to connect to WLAN but further it will not get an IP address.

What is the Solution?

Make sure that DHCP service is configured and enabled on per AP basis for M510 APs, under venue settings.

To configure, go to Venue > DHCP > WiFi > Enable DHCP service > Choose "Simple DHCP".

For step by step procedure on "How to create DHCP service and enable it on venue", please refer online help page from here.


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