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Retrieving BSSIDs for All WLANs in v/SZ Controller Using Web APIs - Postman

RUCKUS Team Member


In this Knowledge Base (KB), we will demonstrate a quick and efficient method to retrieve all the BSSIDs (Basic Service Set Identifiers) for the WLANs in all the Access Points (APs) within the v/SZ controller. Instead of relying on CLI scripts or shell access, we will utilize web APIs to accomplish this task. By following these steps, you can easily access the desired information without the need for advanced troubleshooting or technical assistance.


1. Generate a Service Ticket: Before proceeding, ensure you have a valid service ticket. If you are unsure how to generate a service ticket, refer to our KB on "How to Obtain a Service Ticket for Your v/SZ Controller."

2. Create a "Post" Operation: Using API testing tools like Postman, initiate a "Post" operation with the following API call in the URL:


 3. Configure Parameters: In the "Parameters" section, set the following:

  • Key: serviceTicket (Please note that this field is case-sensitive)
  • Value: Paste the previously generated service ticket in this field.


4. Fill the "Body" Section: In the "Body" section, select the "raw" option and paste the following JSON text and Click "Send":

"filters": [
"type": "DOMAIN",
"value": "8b2081d5-9662-40d9-a3db-2a3cf4dde3f7"
"fullTextSearch": {
"type": "AND",
"value": ""

(The value used for domain is a generic value and it will include all domains in the controller).


Congratulations! You have successfully retrieved the BSSIDs for all the WLANs in all the APs of your controller.



By following this simple and efficient approach, you can easily retrieve all the BSSIDs for the WLANs across all APs in your v/SZ controller. Utilizing web APIs for this task eliminates the need for advanced access, making it accessible for regular network administrators without relying on TAC support or shell access.

If you want to learn more about advanced API calls for controller management, you can visit the RUCKUS Public API reference guide. There, you'll find a wide range of APIs that cater to various needs and requirements.


With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support