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RUCKUS AP - POE | Syslog error: PD stopped responding to LLDP PoE TLVs from PSE.

RUCKUS Team Member

It's been reported that in some HP or Aruba PoE switches, continuous logs will be printed on the switch's console saying: "PD stopped responding to LLDP PoE TLVs from PSE. Previous LLDP negotiated power values will be retained" when certain models of RUCKUS APs are serviced by these switches. 

RUCKUS's engineering has identified and corrected this LLDP behavior for some specific affected AP models with a secondary ethernet uplink port.

The fix for this issue will be found on the AP patch 

Feel free to open a support case with RUCKUS TAC to get this specific bug fix.

There is also a workaround that can be applied on the PoE switch to avoid the syslog buffer being filled with those continuous logs:



no lldp config dot3TlvEnable poeplus_config
no lldp config dot3TlvEnable eee_config



With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support