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ICX Switch Model 100Base-FX SFP optic support, configuration, firmware and known issues

RUCKUS Team Member

Type: 100BASE-FX is the technical name of Fast Ethernet over fiber optic cables


Fast Iron ICX devices support the following types of SFPs for 100BaseFX:

  • Multimode SFP—maximum distance is 2 kilometers
  • Long Reach (LR)—maximum distance is 40 kilometers
  • Intermediate Reach (IR) —maximum distance is 15 kilometers


After installing a 100Base-FX transceiver, you must use this command to enable 100Base-FX support on the device.

The following example enables support for 100Base-FX on a fiber port.

  • Device# config t
  • device(config)# interface ethernet 1/1/6
  • device(config-if-e1000-1/1/6)# 100-fx


  • The transceiver needs to be installed in the switch for the command to work

Firmware needed to use 100-Fx feature in different models:


The above table gives information on firmware needed on different ICX models for 100-Fx support.

Link: From RUCKUS Ethernet Optics Data Sheet

Supported Ruckus transceiver:


The above table shows details on ruckus transceivers used for 100-fx support

Link: From RUCKUS Ethernet Optics Data Sheet

Known Issues:

1) For compatible ICX Switches, it is noticed that configuration 100-fx gets wiped out upon reload.

Details Noticed:

  • We notice this issue only when the device is in a stack
  • Standalone switch does not have this issue


  • Make sure that the member 1 is always active and has higher priority
  • Devices needing 100-fx support needs to be part of member 1 only


  • Make sure not to use any other member other than member 1 to be highest priority and active since if any other member is made active other than member 1, 100-fx is noticed to wipe out from active member as well

Fix for this issue: upgrade to 9010f

2) For ICX switches “optical monitor” command cannot be enabled firmware version 9010a to 9010c

Details Noticed:

ICX7150-24F Router#sho med eth 1/1/3

Port   1/1/3: Type  : 100M M-FX-IR(SFP)

             Vendor: RUCKUS             Version: A

             Part# : 33225-100          Serial#: FNF112420000LP8

ICX7150-24F Router#sho med eth 1/1/20

Port  1/1/20: Type  : 100M M-FX-SR(SFP)

             Vendor: RUCKUS             Version: A

             Part# : 33224-100          Serial#: FAF1131700000FD

ICX7150-24F Router(config-mif-1/1/3,1/1/20)#optical-monitor

Port 1/1/3 is 100M FX and cannot support Optical Monitoring.

Port 1/1/20 is 100M FX and cannot support Optical Monitoring.

Fix for this issue: upgrade to 9010d