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How to create AP Registration Rule?


How to register an AP (Access Point) onto the controller under a specific AP Zone using AP Registration Rule?

Why do we need the AP registration rule?

This is the more useful solution when we have a vSZ-E or SZ-144 or SZ-100, where the APs try to register to the “Default Zone” by design and if we have the “Default AP Zone” on a firmware version, which is not a supported firmware version for the AP to join then the AP doesn’t join the controller though the vSZ/SZ version is a supported version for the AP.

How do we create the AP registration rule?

We can create an AP registration rule for the specified AP zone(s) and the AP will automatically register to that zone without going to either stagging zone (for vSZ-H) or the Default Zone (for vSZ-E).

Below are the steps showing how to create a registration rule:

Login to the controller GUI --> Network --> AP settings --> AP registration --> Create --> Give a NAME to the rule --> Select the AP Zone on which you want the specific AP(s) to register directly --> Choose the Rule Type you want to use for this process:


There are various options available for the AP registration rule based on your requirement you can pick either of the Rule Type as shown below:


Note: If you have only 1 AP to move then you can still use the option for the IP Address Range and can give “From IP” and “To IP” as the AP’s IP (the value can be the same).