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“Data base query error” after posting the credentials on the Guest login portal.

RUCKUS Team Member


  1. SmartZone with Firmware version integrated with the Aruba clear pass.
  2. WLAN is configured with Hotspot (WISPR).


  1. Client devices connected to the WLAN and getting redirected to the captive portal login page.
  2. After users enter the credentials they get “ Database query error” on the browser.
  3. Same behavior observed on the different browser (Chrome/Edge/Firefox) .
  4. On the Clear pass >>Access Tracker we found that the client MAC address is in the encrypted format instead of its original MAC. 


6. On the client-side Wireshark Packet capture , we found that the client is getting redirected to captive portal page with HTTP 302 redirect message, here as well the client mac address is in the encrypted format.



Run the below command on the SZ CLI to disable the MAC-IP encryption for the WISPR profile.

By default, MAC-IP encryption is enabled on the SZ to enhance the security. Users MAC and IP address should not be in clear text while transporting on the internet, which will the decrease the risk of security attack.  

vsz-controller-1# config

vsz-controller-1(config)# no encrypt-mac-ip

Do you want to continue to disable (or input 'no' to cancel)? [yes/no] yes

Successful operation