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CloudPath | How to access the Command Line (CLI) using SSH?

RUCKUS Team Member

Note: This is applicable to on-prem appliances only.

Overview: This Knowledge Base article provides instructions on how to access the Command Line Interface (CLI) of CloudPath using a terminal program like Putty or similar.

To access this CLI, you will need the service password,  which is configured during the initial installation of the VM instance, like the below example:


Procedure: Follow these steps to access the CloudPath CLI using Putty:

Step 1: Open Putty

  • Launch Putty or a similar terminal program.

Step 2: Configure SSH Session

  • In the Putty configuration window, enter the CloudPath's IP address in the "Host Name (or IP address)" field.
  • Ensure that the "Port" is set to 8022.


Note: Use SSH on port 8022 or 22. The default SSH port number is 8022, but can be changed to port 22 on the Cloudpath Administration > System Services page, SSH Service area of the page.

Step 3: Enter Credentials

  • Use cpn_service for the username.
  • Enter the Service Password


You have now successfully accessed the CloudPath CLI using Putty.

Enter ? to view the list of available commands.


Tip: From the command-line configuration utility, enter the console command to access the Linux shell. From the Linux shell, enter the config command to access the command-line configuration utility.

Visit this document for a fully detailed glosary of the CloudPath's CLI.

With regards,
Orlando Elias
Technical Support