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I am currently using zd1200 to control 8 ap. I decided to buy another unit of zd1200 as backup controller. I do not want to use smart redundancy. So, can I just backup from current used zone controller and restore it to new zd1200. In this ca...

Guest portal access control

Hello, I have a guest access SSID. I want the user to only be able to access a single IP address which is outside of their DHCP subnet. Is there any way to create a access control policy to allow this ?Thank you.

URL redirection possible ?

Hello, I have an SSID intended to authenticate via 802.1x RADIUS. Is it possible to automatically redirect a user to a URL upon successful authentication ?

smart redundancy mode with zeroit

I would like to setup 2 zone director 1200 in smart redundancy mode with zero it . What should I put in redirect URL . Can I use management ip as redirect URL. When primary down ,do I need to change redirect URL with second zone director up? Thankd