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different VLAN per SSID, zd1200 10.1.1 fw

I am having difficulties creating a different VLAN per SSID. I don't know if I missed something. below is my setup;Zd1200 fw 10.1.1 Cisco layer 3vlan 1 - - ------------------ ip subnet-zero ip routing ip dhcp excl...

Remove or Fix 'bad cksum' Firmware Image

Hi,I am experiencing an issue where i am unable to connect an AP to a ZD. It appears that the issue is because the FW downloaded has an error 'bad cksum' (please see below). Is there anyway i can overwrite this or delete it?AP model: 7363hdr_cksum:  ...

Where to find WIPS logs

Hello, I have a device that is constantly getting blocked by WIPS i.e. "Temporarily block wireless clients with repeated authentication failures for x"Which log settings do I need to configure to see logs pertaining to this WIPS block ?Thank you kind...

Research Project for University

Hello Everyone. I am a student in university so far as  I am doing internship with a company and they have Ruckus ZoneDirector as well as SZ100 with 90 Access point. I have to implement this wireless network with different vlan different SSID with di...