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How to degrade SSID per Zonedirector managed AP.

Hello, I have a Zondirector which manages 100 access points. All of these access points share the same SSIDs.
Is there any way to reduce the priority, service schedule or user limit for a particular SSID on a specific access point ?
i.e. I dont want to make this SSID change for ALL access points, only certain ones.
Or can this sort of change only be made globally to an SSID on all access points ?

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Philip, 

I see that you are broadcasting the same WLAN/ SSID on all the APs. So, if you make any changes on the SSID then it will reflect on all the APs.

Service Schedule option is per WLAN configuration. 

In this case, I would suggest you to create additional SSIDs. You can then create AP groups/ WLAN Groups and map the SSIDs accordingly.

- Anusha