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Hotspot intercept ?

Hello, I am interested in how Hotspot works i.e .I have a third party authentication server which presents a captive portal web gui requesting username and password. My hotspot service auto redirects to this URL upon a client connecting to the SSID.N...

Walled garden failure

Hello, I have a hotspot with walled garden configured.Does walled garden cause any blocking of redirects ? My initial hotspot URL redirect is to:https://mwaklconnect1.domain.forest/portal/MW_Onboarding_portal/preview/?showAfter authentication on this...

Hotspot without authentication ?

Hello, I have a third party Onboarding server - FortiConnect.This server presents a login web GUI, where after authentication the user is directed to another  page where they can download an onboarding app.What I want Zonedirector to do is as follows...

URL redirection

Hello I have a guest portal which I want redirect to the following URL. It seems to be failing. Will this work:https://mwaklconnect1.domain.forest/portal/MW_Onboarding_portal/ will the URL be truncated to:https://mwaklconnect1.domain.fore...