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i want to choose true Zone directory firmware

New Contributor
i have AC that name ZD1200 and R500AP.  There is a firmware on it. where can i find the correct update. 

RUCKUS Team Member
Hello Yavuz,

If you go to the Download section of the Ruckus support site and select ZD1200 you will see a list of firmware available for that product:

You should check the release notes for the version you wish to upload to make sure it supports the AP you have and also check if you can upgrade directly to that version or not.

The latest version - 10.2.1 supports R500's but you cannot directly upgrade from version 9.9.0.

Check the Upgrading to this version in the release notes and work backward.  This may require checking a few different levels to find the least number of upgrades.

You need first to upgrade to 9.12.3, then to 10.0.1 and finally to 10.2

For your general information, the first two digits represent the actual software release - called Major and Minor numbers. The third digit in ZD code is the maintenance release and you should always use the highest maintenance release (ie 9.12.3 is the third maintenance release) which will have the most fixes for that version of code.  Also check if there are newer "refresh" where often fixes were added to the maintenance release.  Typically the site will only have the latest refresh version but it is good to check.

Another important point.  The ZD will only let you upgrade to a newer version if you have a valid support contract on the ZD serial number.  If you have a support contract in our system (found on he support site under liman) the ZD should check this automatically and allow upgrade.  If not you need to contact your sales representative to purchase support.  If you have purchased support but it is not being "seen" by the ZD, please open an administration case with Ruckus Support who will help you out.

These details can be found in our Knowledge Base Articles:

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I hope this information is helpful

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