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RUCKUS SmartZone and virtual SmartZone is the next-generation high performing Wireless LAN controller for enterprises around the world.
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SZ100 bios setup mode

Hello, Our partner company was testing with SZ100 ver. After initializing the equipment, we downgraded the version to and rebooted it. Then it turned right back to the BIOS setup mode. Is there a solution or a way to in...

Image_ images_messages_5ff3ce14024db517c767ff02_05375178c41006a80a78a235dfdd0e67_BIOS1-1da19b57-7403-4e74-8e1b-d1313d107067-1135474335.png Image_ images_messages_5ff3ce14024db517c767ff02_0cfbd0388408792cb50a5c70eb6f6f97_BIOS2-6d408181-e47b-4428-9c0c-f4fd901d4b61-1134550814.png

about DP DHCP/NAT Question

hi i have question about DP we have two vSZ-H and two DP(sz144d) we are configured one dhcp-profile (ex. two nat-profile. each DP configured same dhcp-profile and different nat-profile i wonder if many client access ssid  two DP...

calls on wireless phone losing packets

We have a network of R510s with ICX7150-C12P switches, all controlled by SZ100 (version 3 SSIDs, each in its own VLAN. One SSID is Phones, and wireless (non-moving) phones are connected to that SSID (and only those phones). We are get...

ana_sm by New Contributor
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Roaming with Ruckus wifi

Dear all, Systems are using Smartzone 100 and AP ( R310).  My custommers uses wifi and have some appilication video call like is : whatsapp, viber.... But when they move from AP to other AP and while keep using Apps ( the client will roaming ) , si...


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