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Multi-port AP not negotiating link speeds above 1000 Mbps.

RUCKUS Team Member

Issue observed: APs with more than one ethernet port where the second port is capable of providing higher speeds (above 1000 Mbps) is unable to negotiate over 1000 Mbps speed with its uplink switch.

Prerequisite: Switch should also be capable of providing higher speeds such as 2500 Mbps, 5000 Mbps etc.

Using R720 AP as an example here. The PoE port of the R720 AP can provide speeds up to 2500 Mbps. Whereas the second ethernet port is limited to max speed of 1000 Mbps.

In such a case, if LCAP/ LAG is enabled on the controller under AP specific configuration for R720, the PoE port of the AP will not provide 2500 Mbps, even if the switch port is configured to provide 2500 Mbps duplex speeds.

With LACP enabled, both ports are bound together and must run at the same speed. Here 1000 Mbps becomes the limiting speed. Hence the switch port has to configured to use 1000 Mbps to bring the AP back online on the network.


Conclusion: If LACP or a aggregation on AP ports is not being used, please make sure to disable LACP configuration under AP model specific setting to ensure the AP can utilize its higher link speed port to its fullest capability.