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How to utilize release notes to determine the controller upgrade compatibility, supported AP model and other useful information.

Community Admin
Community Admin

In this self-help discussion, I will explain how to determine controller upgrade compatibility, supported APs and other useful information.


Follow the below steps:

  1. Note down the below details of your current controller setup.
    • Controller type (virtual SmartZone, SmartZone, ZoneDirector, Unleashed).
    • Controller firmware version (Note: If you are using v/SmartZone then controller and AP version can be different).
    • AP models in use.
    • AP Zone version (Only applicable for v/SmartZone).
  2. Now decide which version you want to upgrade to, depending upon below points:
    • Any bug/known issue on exiting version which is fixed on new version
    • Enhancements and stability.
    • New features
  3. Review the release notes of the desired upgrade version. For example, assume my virtual SmartZone is on 5.1.2 and I decided to upgrade to 5.2.2 version.
    1. Go to >> Documentation >> Choose the product (vSZ for the example) from the dropdown menu >> Now click on “Documents” tab >> from “Show” drop down menu, select desired version (in our case we want to upgrade to 5.2.2, so we need to select 5.2).
    2. Now locate the “release notes” of the version (it is the latest controller version on 5.2.2 release at the time or writing this topic) and “Upgrade guide”. Open both the PDF files.
  4. On upgrade guide, review below sections.
    1. SmartZone Upgrade Paths – This will tell you if your controller can directly upgrade to 5.2.2 version or not.

      Image_ images_messages_614b221299ef1c5003612075_1839a084d5e52685cb8704520cd94916_Topic1Upgrade1-3ed24219-844a-4f22-839e-cc51bef19308-1147004814.png
    2. Hypervisor Hardware Performance Requirements (Only applicable to virtual SmartZone) – This will tell you if you need to increase VM hardware resources for vSZ.

      Image_ images_messages_614b221299ef1c5003612075_adf5526e44d4ce4e16d2a606fd61ac27_Topic1Upgrade2-5561cfc1-6dac-4c6a-b6b6-dae55e745b41-1146081293.png
  5. Open release notes, review below sections:
    1. Supported AP Models

      Image_ images_messages_614b221299ef1c5003612075_a54eaf4ce72f487452d8279e36efcc2f_Topic1Upgrade3-400db79d-73fb-44c0-adbe-3ecec876fa6a-1145157772.png
    2. Unsupported AP Models (check this section if you have any matching AP models which are no longer supported on this version).

      Image_ images_messages_614b221299ef1c5003612075_f21a8759a2b707a204bf2587188aff9e_Topic1Upgrade4-bf070bbf-7394-4ab9-9cbf-9d2c1b7f8c54-1144234251.png
    3. Known Issues – These are the issues which are known to this version and Ruckus engineering is working to fix them in future releases. This also provides information related to Caveats and Limitations.

      Image_ images_messages_614b221299ef1c5003612075_215453b3b2824e95d63d9f2bd3960c9b_Topic1Upgrade5-ad78725f-afad-4c97-a685-0a35b8d5015c-1143310730.png
    4. Changed Behavior – This section explains changed behavior on this release.

      Image_ images_messages_614b221299ef1c5003612075_7940e4471b18c2966c01bef177375108_Topic1Upgrade6-1a906090-74ad-40c6-8785-4d94a2f38238-1142387209.png
    5. Resolved Issues – Refer this section to see what known issues are fixed on this release.

      Image_ images_messages_614b221299ef1c5003612075_e3e13da8711126819b2607219b816a95_Topic1Upgrade7-d1d5383f-08d7-47aa-b271-9147817191e9-1141463688.png
    6. Interoperability Information

      Image_ images_messages_614b221299ef1c5003612075_1a1ab77d1b1c16f4b4cc75a1bb36017f_Topic1Upgrade8-30cbddc3-c05d-479b-9c93-c8764d25a61e-1140540167.png

Some other important points:

  • There are also other sections which may be applicable to your setup:
    • Switch Management Feature Support Matrix
    • IoT Suite
  • Provided details in this self-help topic is only focusing major component of a pre-upgrade check.
  • We strongly recommend users to read complete release notes and upgrade guide carefully, before proceeding for the upgrade.

In above example, I have explained what to look for in the release notes or upgrade guide, before upgrading the controller.

This example is for virtual SmartZone (vSZ), as vSZ upgrade is bit complicated than other controllers like ZoneDirector and Unleashed, however, one should read the information on release notes and upgrade in the same way, as explained in this self-help topic.


Queries? Start the discussion and we will be here to help!

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