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How to configure AP with static IP on cloud.

RUCKUS Team Member

The process of configuring the AP with static IP needs to be done before its added to the cloud.

  • AP can be configured with static IP using CLI or Web console.
  • Only after the AP is configured with static IP, its SN should be added to the cloud.

Below are the steps to be followed to configure AP with static IP.

Step 1: When the AP is powered up on the network, if AP VLAN has DHCP services then it gets an IP from the DHCP pool which can be used to access the AP CLI using SSH or web console. If there is no DHCP then you can access the AP using the default IP

Step 2 :

  1. If the AP is being accessed using CLI use the command ‘set ipaddr wan <ipaddr> <netmask> <gateway>’.
  2. If AP is accessed using the Web console, go to the device setting and input the address configuration.