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Cloudpath: How to troubleshoot workflow publish related issues

RUCKUS Team Member

Recently we have found that one of our customer is facing issue with publishing the workflow which was working fine earlier, below we will discuss about the troubleshooting steps involved to rectify the issue.

Issue: Unable to publish the workflow.








Summary: Cloudpath general behavior on publishing the workflow. 


When a workflow snapshot publish is performed a dynamic Windows executable (.exe) file is 
produced with the current workflow URL embedded. As the Windows executable is dynamically generated
at publish time, signing the executable is required for most versions of Windows to execute the file
without considering it malware or the similar.

Signing a Windows .exe requires a specific code signing certificate which differs from a SSL or Web Server

If a custom code signing certificate is not specified within Cloudpath
(Admin UI > Administration > System Service > Web Server > “Code Signing Certificate”)
the Windows executable will need to be signed “in the cloud” with a CommScope/Ruckus provided Code Signing Certificate.
For this to occur the Cloudpath instance requires outgoing HTTPS access to

For more information, please visit:


We can check the connectivity to the Cloudpath backend servers by executing the below steps in Admin UI under "Support > Diagnostics > HTTPS & LDAPS Certificate" and try reaching the on port 443.

We should see the success results.






Also, we can execute the reachability test from the CLI of the Cloudpath, We need to SSH into the Cloudpath using the service account and execute the below commands to verify reachability:

# console
[cpn_service@x-oc-cloudpath02 ~]$ wget -v -O/dev/null

Expected response should be: HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK

Another command to confirm the same:


[cpn_service@x-oc-cloudpath02 ~]$ wget -v -O-

Expected response should be: HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK


If the connection is not establishing with the backend servers, we should be seeing the below logs in Support bundle > Jboss logs. 

ts=20230707 161432.984, lvl=SEVE, action=URL_LOADER_ERROR_SOCKET_TIMEOUT, purpose=BIND_GET_SYSTEM_UPDATES, reason=connect timed out, url=

ts=20230707 161432.986, lvl=INFO, action=BIND_GET_UPDATES_ERROR, reason=NetworkConnection, statusCode=-3, url=, src=service.BindingService



We should have a valid reachability with the servers to be able to successfully publish the workflow and if the above troubleshooting steps are not successful then we need to look into the firewall and network related settings.