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Cannot connect to the Switch Web UI, Getting an error: “Server error. Will be fixed in few minutes".

RUCKUS Team Member


Trying to access ICX 7150 switch model through Web UI but getting an error “Server error. Will be fixed in few minutes”.

Tried different browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox, but same issue.

Switch is up in Cloud Ruckus one and running version 9.0.10h_cd2.

Found Web-management is getting disabled automatically and it needs to be enabled by using below command but after few days it again gets disabled.

#No web-management disable


There is a behavior change with the 9010h version onwards such as web-management disable get pushed from the Cloud (Ruckus one) or SmartZone when switches connect to it.

Link (Refer page no.11)


For workaround, Refer the below link.

Link (Refer page no. 253

Note: Adding to above we can also manage the switch from R1, using remote cli if needed.