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Adding an unleashed system ID to Unleashed Multi-site Manager

RUCKUS Team Member

If you want to add an unleashed system ID to UMM, the first thing you need to do is verify that you have an active license for that system from UMM, go to UMM dashboard > Administration > License if you need to upload a license please select this option >Upload License

Once that you have an active license and that you are able to reach the unleashed network from the UMM, please follow the next steps. 

From unleashed: 

•Go to Admin & Services > Administer > Network Management > Unleashed Multi-Site Manager Management.

• Select the Enable management by Unleashed Multi-Site Manager check-box.

•Configure the following:

•• URL: The IP address or URL of the software server.

•• Interval: the time interval (in minutes) within which the Unleashed device sends the TR069 information to Unleashed Multi-Site

•Manager. It is recommended that you configure this interval according to your network capacity.


From UMM:

Log in to the Unleashed Multi-Site Manager web interface and go to Devices. The Unleashed device will be registered and displayed.

Login to the Unleashed Multi-Site Manager web interface, and go to Devices.

You will see the unleashed devices.

You have successfully set up the Unleashed devices and registered them for Unleashed Multi-Site Manager to monitor.