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A workaround for AP CLI script timing out on zones with large number of APs

RUCKUS Team Member

The AP CLI script feature on the Smartzone platform, has a limitation of timing out within 45 minutes of application on a zone. The symptom of the problem is as seen as below:


Generally such steps as i) breaking apart the zone to create multiple zones with lesser number of APs or ii) applying the commands through other means than the inbuilt CLI script feature, etc. are relied on.

An even easier workaround is as follows:

The problem typically happens when there's a high number of commands pushed to the APs, as seen below:

set qos eth0 igmp disable
set qos eth1 igmp disable
set qos eth2 igmp disable
set qos eth3 igmp disable
set qos eth4 igmp disable
set qos eth0 directed multicast disable
set qos eth1 directed multicast disable
set qos eth2 directed multicast disable
set qos eth3 directed multicast disable
set qos eth4 directed multicast disable

Steps to take:

In this case, simply create multiple scripts with three or four lines of commands each (or even lesser) and have them run on the v/SZ GUI one after the other, on the same zone with the large number of APs.

This has helped to eliminate the issue of script timing out and to have all commands applied through the CLI script feature at customer environment(s).