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R510 firmware upgrade

I'm in a networked Lennar home (came totally networked and was setup by others with little info given to us) that includes a R510 located on the living room ceiling.  I am still running version firmware and see that I can upgrade to 20...

AP WLAN oversubscribed

Hello, we have an R710 in a Smartzone cluster running firmware versions: Controller: AP: We are seeing this outstanding WLAN alert: 'AP WLAN oversubscribed' ' does not have enough capacity to deploy all WLANs...; However the...

Ruckus AP's dropping connection

I have 2 Ruckus Indoor AP's.  When devices are connected to either, the connection to the modem drops.  I unplugged just one to see if it was an isolated, issue w/ the unit downstairs, but that didn’t change the connection issue.  They are both plugg...