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Android / Chrome Problem

New Contributor


I'm facing a problem and cant figure out how to solv.

When the clients are redirected to user_login_auth.jsp we receive a error: err_empty_response

Any help?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @agon1982 
I believe this is a browser specific, could you please confirm if you are seeing this on all the browser?
Also please check on different clients.

I have seen some cases where an addon pluggin on the browser caused this, I also recommend you to upgrade the controller if it is running on older version.

This is, really, a problem with the chrome browser ( including Android mini browser to captive portal authentication). 

I get the same error (no addons or extensions) when I try to authenticate to the Zonedirector web management console using google chrome (no problem with firefox or safari)


Zonedirector 3000 with build 318

Hi @agon1982 
Can you try upgrading the ZD 3000 to That is the last version for ZD3000.