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r300 doesn't connect to ZD1100

My R300 does not connect to ZD1100.I can connect to de r300 when directly is connect to my computer and also can login but do not know what to do next.I'd follow the quick step manual for configure the r300. The landcode is US and i live in the Nethe...

Speed Throttling

Recently purchased two R510 for my home connected through a gigabit switch to a router. Cat6 wiring all around. Connection speed is 200mbps. I am able to get 180mbps down when connected to the router. When i connect to the Ruckus, the speed seems to ...

VSZ migration to new IP

So, I currently have a VSZ VM server on one Public IP Subnet, I need to migrate it to a different Public IP Subnet. I haven't been able to find a good way to move AP's to a different controller IP remotely, so my thought was to either forward all IP ...