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Roming Information

New Contributor
Hello. We are using vSZ-E & R610.
I have three request.

1. Roaming infomation
Roaming infomation in ivent view, The name of the destination access point is displayed, but the name of the source access point is not displayed.
We want you to display access point name of movement source.

2. Mac address display
In ivent view,there are events where the MAC address is displayed with ":" and events without ":". Does this mean anything?

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f1135b77e2478f34ee_d7baf15758c3f0b938e8bf27b1560d21_RackMultipart2019100344715xytq-0e383359-dc76-4a1c-b26a-ed0d0cec1acb-1870961485.PNG1570085880

3. Client RSSI,SNR history
I want client RSSI,SNR history.
Even if you do not prepare a dedicated GUI like SCI, it would be nice if RSSI and SNR are displayed in the event log like Meraki.
Of course, it would be nice to have ClietHistory as standard like AeroHive.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c3f1135b77e2478f34ee_caefca506f4d8c38f49b3324c15d4c71_RackMultipart2019100375581476l-5febb418-ffe2-49b9-9b54-9ec0341b8c56-428258765.PNG1570085898