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Ruckus r510 connectivity with RF guns

New Contributor
Hi - we have around 25 r510 Ruckus installed at our warehouse in Fiji and controlled by ZD. in the warehouse we use RF guns ( cipherlab -9700). when Rf guns are used during the day at times the response time when they scan barcode or use the device takes 20secs delay to communicate to server.......this usually frustrates the users. what i have noticed is that the ssid broadcasted from ZD is only 1 but when we scan for wifi ssid we get multiple ssid picked up on the rf guns ( eh we have ssid WMS- and on the RFgun we get serveral WMS with different db signal levels. is this because of interferance etc or wrong channel selection....note on laptops /phone we do not get multiple ssid

Valued Contributor
Hi Nilesh,

I have seen this issue previously on a different vendor's equipment.  The issue was resolved by disabling WMM (802.11e) on the WLAN.

A quick search found this link which might help for you to test:

Regarding you seeing multiple SSIDs - I have also seen this in old/legacy equipment where they display BSSID information for all the AP's they can 'hear', rather than by SSID which binds them all together. This is most likely just a limitation on the device and I wouldn't be too concerned.


Valued Contributor II
Also, check if 802.11r is enabled and if Cipherlab-9700 supports it (fast roaming).  If 802.11r is enabled but not supported by handhelds -- this may be reason for serious problems. If not sure, disable 802.11r and 802.11k and look if it improves response time when moving around. It makes a huge difference with some devices which do not support 802.11r...
By the way, only mobile phones commonly support it (iOS 6+ and most Android phones). Laptops with W7/8 don't support, and W10 supports only with Radius authentication (not with WPA2/PSK), even if hardware is compatible. So normally you want to disable 802.11r to prevent issues...

New Contributor
Thanks i will try this and update -By the way what are best possible configuration -channel etc for AP setting specially in a warehouse setup. what are ways we can trobleshoot if we have installed too many AP and the channels are conflicting etc. 

New Contributor III
This may be totally unrelated... but we found that with some warehouse devices, the handheld is aggressively trying to roam to a nearby ap to handle movement, but the SSID beacons from the ruckus were coming through so much "softer" than the regular traffic (possibly because of beamflex+) that the device was getting confused and prematurely roaming to less preferable access points.   Changing the SSID that the warehouse devices use to a "Hidden" ssid helped considerably.  

The whole story is here: