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ww vs us

I found a good deal on a t610 worldwide version ww. I allrady have an unleashed network of r710, all us version. Can I use a ww t610 on my r710 network or will it fail because the country codes are different?

Guest Access re authentictaes

Hi guys,So we have a guest access on one of our lodges and the guest are able to connect with no problem. The only issue is now that when they move from lets say from reception to Room 1 they hop from one AP to the next one and then need to re-authen...

Guest Portal not working on 5.2

After upgrading our Virtual SmartZone and all AP Zones to 5.2, we ran into an issue with the Captive Portal on our Guest SSID's no longer working on R730's and R610's.  I don't know if any other model had the same issue, but after downgrading the AP ...