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add ruckus ap r750 in smartzone 100

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Hi ,

We need some help from you.Actually ,we have  a problem with our Ruckus AP R 750 that we can't add to the Smartzone 100.

Thanks for answering us as soon as possible.

Waiting for your answer.

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Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Mobio,

R750 is not supported on 3.5.1 version.

Please upgrade the controller and then AP zone to at least 5.1.2 version.

Syamantak Omer
RUCKUS Networks, CommScope!
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You will need to update the firmware on your SmartZone controller in order to provide support for newer APs.

The earliest version of SmartZone to support the R750 model is 5.1.1. - with a special AP software update bundle applied.

Please consult the release notes on the Ruckus Support Website to understand what steps you will need to take in order to upgrade your SmartZone to the desired level, as you will most likely need to upgrade in multiple steps.  The latest SmartZone version is currently 5.2.1. with AP patch 1038. This is the recommended version for Wi-Fi 6 APs.

VirtualSmartZone Software Updates:[vSCG]


Please ensure your existing APs are compatible with any new version of software you install and you may need to run multiple Zones as SmartZone has the ability to run different firmware in different zones.

I hope the above helps,

New Contributor II

Hi mobio_jeanbaptiste

I have replaced all our Ruckus equipment due to a lack of support from the manufacturer.

Best direct your question to others.


Hello, Paul, it is really surprising, how you had such bad experience. Even more surprising sounds  to be happy about "replacing all Ruckus equipment". 

Fact is that any equipment is never perfect, and have eventually some problems, which have to be resolved. No vendor is bug free, and no equipment is fault-free. But some is better than most... 

In practice Ruckus WiFi equipment still is the best available on market, with quit logical and easy understandable user interface and very high quality hardware/software, so I don't see how replacing it with some other vendor (which is not that good) can give any benefits - no vendor has currently better equipment and better support, and you have to learn equipment anyway.   

        Personally, I  have experience with Ruckus from 2006 and technical support was  (and is) always excellent. 15 years is a long time for WiFi vendor, so it means something.

We don't use support too often, as usually there are no real problems, and we know what we are doing,  but we have to contact support may be 10-15 times a year.   

I have always received very competent help in all cases I needed it, and very fast. I prefer to open cases through on-line chat, it is the fastest way and works like a charm.

     Most are license problems (customer name mistakes when ordering SZ licenses are most common issue) are usually resolved in real time. Technical issues are typically resolved same day, but RMA are very rare and approved immediately.

Of cause, when asking for support, you must supply needed info and have support contract - when you supply all needed info  contacting support, you receive help much faster. If you don't know what and how to ask, it is much more difficult for both sides...

This forum is not replacement  for support - it is just a convenience for user to user communication.

Knowing product and reading documentation helps a lot.

For example,  to know that connecting brand new AP  to 2 years old SZ version requires controller upgrade,  you  don't need ask questions on forum or contact any support, it's enough to understand how APs are supported by controllers in general (it is similar for all vendors actually) and to check supported AP list on controller or in Release notes.