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Downgrading firmware on ZD1200 from to 9.xx

New Contributor II

I just bought a new ZD1200 and i would like to install 9.xxxx on it so i can use my zone flex 7363 with this unit.

My problem is that it comes by default with build 1515. I have tried to make a factory reset via the browser interface and via holding down the F/D button on the hardware for about 15 seconds and it still shows up the firmware.

How do i downgrade the firmware?? 


New Contributor II

It's been some time, but you should be able to get a copy of the firmware from Ruckus support and then follow a downgrade path.  I don't know if 10.x down to 9.x versions causes any issues though. - check there for the ZD1200 firmware version you want.

Hi karl and thanx for the reply.

I allready have the firmware and it should be possible to upgrade the ZD 1200 if the firmware is below the factory default.

i have tried to uploading via the "Restore" button in the GUI and it just loads and loads......maybe i should give it more time (i gave it around 15 minutes).

So the real question is - is it doable to downgrade firmware, when the factory default is higher than the firmware i try to install.

Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi Rasmus, is the last version which supports 7363.

Downgrading directly from 10.x to 9.12 will factory reset the ZD and you have to reconfigure it.

Factory resetting the ZD will not downgrade the firmware, you have to downgrade it manually from GUI or ZD CLI.

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