With simplicity and ease of use in mind, the RUCKUS ZoneDirector is purpose-built to address the gap between standalone, feature-deficient access points (APs) that must be individually managed and the costly, complex high-end enterprise systems that are overkill for most small business environments.
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Problem to connect to WLAN after upgrade to iOS 11

We are running a ZD 1100 with 9.10.2 Build 29 firmware and 7762 and 7363 APs.After upgrading iOS devices from 10.x to 11 these devices cannot connect to the WLAN.We are using pre shared Keys and WPA2.Even if we try to use the guest WLAN a connection ...

User Role with Captive Portal Assignment

It appears you can't force a user URL redirect (captive portal) with a user role. I would like to be able to force a URL redirect when needed (BYOD device connects to network), and not just when connecting to a Hotspot WLAN. Does anyone know if this ...

Swapping WAPS to a new ZoneDirector?

I have an older ZoneDirector with 4 WAPs under it's control. Now that we have expanded with newer model WAPs and the required newer ZoneDirector, I'm planning the transition from the old ZD to the new one. Is there documentation or a guide anywhere f...