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When Upgrading ZD3000 from fw directly to can't detect T300 ap's

New Contributor II
I upgraded ZD3000 from FW directly to, so that i could have R610 operational i know that a lower version of firmware would have done the trick, but we went all the way to,R610 detected perfectly and also ap's 7982, the issue came when we tried to have the T301s ap's and T300 provisioned, they won't connect. Any ideas of what could be going on, documentation say's that those ap's are supported. One more question if i need to downgrade the ZD what would be the appropriate way to go about, downgrading directly to FW from which we upgraded or to follow another sequence.
Any help is very much appreciated.

New Contributor III
What version of firmware running on T301s and T300 APs.
Yes, you can downgrade back to directly, I would suggest you to contact support if you are really looking to downgrade back as 10.x is completely different compared to 9.X verisons.

Also I would suggest to go to MR release rather then which is  GA release.

New Contributor II
Thank you Gupta Bobby for youre response, at the moment i don't have the ap's at hand as soon as i get to the office i will be cheking and i'll post it.

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What is the status? Do they keep upgrading FW and rebooting, or do they simply not connect?

We had an issue here, where AP's kept upgrading and rebooting, but that was because we had both a ZD & a SZ on the same LAN, and that messed it up

New Contributor II
Hi Jakob, when connecting the ap's (T300,T301s) to the lan  the power led just keeps blinking slowly but don't do anything else.