RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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R500 "Disconnected" Status

Unleashed R500 shows disconnected status with remove button (i.e., no approve button). I have another thread where I posted my two R500s are both masters and neither one joins another. After executing "set director ip x.x.x.x" on either AP it will al...

Unleashed Disconnected Member.png R500-2 master.png

Resolved! Two Masters and No Members

Ruckus R500Unleashed firmware have two R500 and each shows as Master under Access Points (i.e., two masters and no members). I have attempted the following without success to have a single Master and rest as members:both R500s are o...

Mobile app login off site

Is it possible to use the mobile app to log into your controllers when you are not connected to the wireless network. I am looking to manage the network when I am not on site. Is this possible or do I need to be on site in order to manage that work w...

Got a new modem from Internet provider

I just got a new modem from my internet company and now I’m having problems with my Ruckus Unleaded. It says no server or when I use it it’s extremely slow. What do I do? Does it need to be connected to the new modem? How do I do that? I am not very ...

Unleashed network not adding new AP

We currently have an unleashed network with 3 AP's. Two R500's and 1 R610. It's been awhile since an AP was added and I recall it was really simple, plug and play almost. Now I'm trying to add an R650 AP but the unleashed network does not see it. I s...


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