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R500 / 200.7 unleashed web interface page loading forever, information incomplete

New Contributor III

Good evening,

I have an installation with 3 R500 on Firmware 200.7. When I log into the unleashed web interface, I can see the page with all the items, and when I unfold the 'Access Points' item, I can sometimes see the AP's but when I click on the item that would show additional info about the AP, only the empty table is being displayd. Under Admin&Services, I can unfold the three sub-menus and I see all the items on the menu, but no info is being displayed on the right. Also the web site loads forever.

What I have tried:

  • Screenshot 2024-04-15 235333.pngrebooting APs
  • forcing another AP to become master
  • using other and older browsers (chrome, firefox, edge, edge in IE mode)
  • using a chrome incognito window

SSH works.