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new to ruckus unleashed - need some newb help

I have 4 unleashed APs. 1 connected the first one R320 and ran through the setup wizard, set it as the master I am now trying to add a 2nd AP (R550), but when I power it on, it does not connect to the master. it appears just to do nothing. if i con...

Resolved! RUCKUS Unleashed 200.9 (GA Refresh3) Release Notes Unavailable

Might someone please highlight, in their own words, the major changes from the release notes file at RUCKUS Unleashed 200.9 (GA Refresh3) Release Notes | Technical Documents | Ruckus Wireless Support? Ruckus appears to be putting more general conten...

daniel_m by Contributor
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Sonos and Ruckus unleashed

There are many forum posts regarding issue's with Ruckus AP's and the use of Sonos wireless speakers. I have been using Ruckus AP's professionally as well as personally for many years now. Over the past few days I have been trying to figure out wha...

Admin login credentials

I connected to the Ruckus using the IP address and got to the login screen. I tried using the login/password super/sp-admin, admin/sp-admin and admin/password. But none of them worked. This is for the ruckus icx 7150-c12p from Lennar. I tried the ...