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R510 AP - Unleashed - import CSV for Access List?

Contributor II


I have a few R510's on unleashed

We use mac addresses to control who is allowed on our wireless.   We really don't want to set up a radius server.   Is there an easy way to import the mac access list (or perhaps I'm doing it the hard way) as I can only seem to find a manual entry.

I go to admin & Services,   Services,  Access control and see edit but no place to import CSV.


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You can probably achieve a good end result using DPSK instead, which will let you import MACs from a CSV file.


Not a method supported by Ruckus at all...

But I added this functionality to aioruckus, if you want to script it.

You will need to install aioruckus (pip install aioruckus), then you could create a python script something like this:-


from aioruckus import AjaxSession
import asyncio

async def test_aioruckus():

    with open("<my text file>", "r") as f:
        macs = [line.strip() for line in f if line.strip()]

    async with AjaxSession.async_create("<ruckus ip>", "<ruckus user>", "<ruckus password>") as session:
        await session.api.do_set_acl_members("<name of l2 acl>", macs)


Note that you can't add more than 128 MACs to an ACL.

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Thanks, I appreciate the response.   Ruckus really should add that functionality.    I think it is time for me to move to ubiquiti or something that doesn't require scripts.

I moved from Ubiquiti & wouldn't go back. Reliable WiFi with no dead-spots is very under-rated.

Ruckus have always been great at supporting APs with updated software for many years longer than you'd expect. And they're exceedingly generous allowing anyone to convert 2nd-hand enterprise APs into a controllerless mesh setup - for free - and then regularly adding new functionality for no cost.

If a script is occassionally required to do something non-standard (e.g. bulk adding MACs instead of using DPSK) then it's a small price to pay for having WiFi which "just works".