RUCKUS Unleashed enables controller-less Wi-Fi architecture for small business environments with superior performance, lower costs and simplified management.
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Remote Management/Dynamic DNS Unleashed

Is there a place somewhere on the Ruckus Unleashed virtual controller to enable Dynamic DNS? If not, how would one manage their WLAN remotely? If I put a static IP as the IP of the master AP, that will allow me to do that right? I have not tried that...

I want to revert my Unleased to 100.x.x.x.x

I installed the unleashed software in a R500 and was testing it. I now want to revert the software back to 100.x.x.x.x but I cant seem to get it to revert to factory like when its originally at 100.x.x.x.x then its taken over by a ZD and changes it t...

Setting individual networks on single Unleashed AP

Hi all,Just downloaded the Unleashed firmware to one of my AP's to test it out and get a feel for things, however, i like the AP's to broadcast a separate 2.4 & 5 network with different BSID and passwords.Could someone point me in the right direction...

Support contract needed for Ruckus unleashed?

I would like to buy a r500 unleashed for my home office but I am confused about the limitations of not purchasing the support contract.  I think for other Ruckus access points the firmware updates are free to anyone without a support contract.  Is th...


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