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Why is the PWR Light Flashing Green on my R710?

New Contributor II
New install, on my R710 Unleashed with the latest firmware.  I have a blinking Green PWR LED, the manual seems to indicate the device did not get a routable IP but that's not the case.

in fact, connected users are able to browse the LAN and the Internet just fine and I'm able to login to the AP via its IP. I've statically assigned a DHCP lease to the R710 and also manually configured an IP and the same blinking LED persists.

Any ideas whats occurring here?


New Contributor II
Looks like I figured it out and it's a workaround.  Even with a DHCP IP on the R710 and even with it having connectivity it doesn't seem to think it does.

Hardcoding an IP address, saving and then rebooting and the blinking LED stops.   Going back to DHCP and the LED starts the same behavior.

I've reported the issue to Ruckus but if others have the same issue it may be worth a try and also reporting if it works.

New Contributor II

I encountered the same issue a few months back after upgrading to v200.  I logged a support case for it and was advised that it might be fixed in a future release, but in the meantime it could be worked around by using a static IP.  Here's a thread on the subject: