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New Contributor II
I have a new R310 that I want to set up as an unleashed unit, but the it doesn't transmit the "" network. If I disconnect from the network so that it can't see the DHCP server, it transmits an network with the SSID "island-xxxxxx", which is secured, and if I connect to it, I cant get the the " URL.  I need some help please.

Contributor II
Are you sure you have an Unleashed version? The Island SSID is normally broadcasted when the AP looses connection to a Zonedirector.

New Contributor II
Ok. Hands up. I just downloaded the unleashed firmware and all is well. Just a foolish old man. Sorry

Can I check how you converted the zoneflex to unleashed? we have a similar issue so I can use the solution you have. Thanks appreciate it,

bob whats the software version you have on your AP so that i can guide accordingly///