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RUCKUS SmartZone and virtual SmartZone is the next-generation high performing Wireless LAN controller for enterprises around the world.
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Disable 2.4Ghz on vSZ-H 5.1.2

Hello, I want to know if there is a way to completely disable 2.4GHz per AP Group. I have created 3 other AP groups (One for 1,6,11GHz Channels) but I cannot seem to figure out how to completely disable the 2.4Ghz for my last profile. Any help would ...

SZ Cluster node rename

I'm planning some overdue architectural updates to our SZ124 deployment1-Migrating our current only SZ124 from 1G to 10GRequires new Managment IPWould like to update the hostname ( of a new SZ124 with 10G upli...

Two VsZ contoler

Is it possible to have 2 controllers with different software versions?The plan is for one to stay on the recommended version and the other on the latest 5.x.xHow we organized AP groups, it is most convenient for us to have 2 controllers.W...

janko_jeki by New Contributor II
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SZ100 Self Service Guest WLan

Hi all,There is a way to set up a self service mode for guest wlans in Smart Zone 100?Would like to have a guest network where the user himself receives the password after an action or something like that. We receive A LOT of guests here and i need t...


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