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Can't console into icx7150-c12p via usb type c

New Contributor

Hopefully someone has found a fix for my issue and I just haven't found it on the forums,

Home was built by lennar in 2018 has n R510 AP and icx 7150 c12p switch, been working fine since until two days ago power surge hit the neighborhood and when i was waiting on everything to boot back up the syst light is stuck on amber and when i try to console in via usb type c i cant detect the switch. Not even the little "bing" when plugging in a usb cable to the pc.I installed the CP210x drivers but still nothing is recognized on the pc. Also tried the reset process on the switch and nothing has changed. Read and re-read the detailed forum post on how to console in. Was able to ssh into it using putty once before to update image so it is visible in the unleashed app once before.


If it matter pc is Win 11 build 22621