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Resolved! Access points R510 has no power

Hi Team,My R510 access points have been down from last two days and are not displaying any lights, need assistance for a resolution. I have 3 access points and none of them is working.R7150 switch has green lights on the back, still access points do ...

Ruckus unleashed upgrade

How to perform an upgrade on the Access Points  (unleashed version) using the Unleashed dashboard Please go to: or use the IP address of the Master AP Use the management credentials. Admin usernames and passwords for the ...

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Ruckus Unleashed Set-up using your Mobile

Step 1 View your available networks and Connect to "Configure. Me"(Where you see 1807D0, these are final 6 digits of your AP’s MAC address - This will be unique)When the device is connected to it takes a bit of time before the device to ...

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