RUCKUS Cloud is our AI-enabled converged network management-as-a-service platform that enables IT to deliver exceptional user experiences, simply.
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MSP = Managed Service Provider RUCKUS Cloud MSP Licensing delivers control and flexibility to Ruckus Networking solution Provider and Networking Elite solution Provider partners. Henceforth, we will address these partners by "Ruckus Cloud MSP". It gi...

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VMs in Bridge Mode not getting an IP?

I've got an interesting issue happening here.. We're Ruckus Cloud with R650s and when we have VMs set up in Bridge Mode, they cannot obtain an IP. However, if I do a hardwired connection in the same VLAN as my WLAN, I'm able to get the VM to get an I...'s ServiceNow assignment group?

What is the correct ServiceNow assignment group ?It's not the "" assignment group.  That is for the support portal, its single signon app and other ruckus apps like AIP, EDI, MT, LAP and certificate rene...

alan_brown by Community Manager
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Resolved! Ruckus R500 not converting to cloud

I have a couple of R500 that are not going to the cloud. I removed them from my ZD, factory reset them, added serial numbers into the cloud portal, software version is the solo I have waited 24 hours and the APs have not contacted the...