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Captive Portal + Google Authentication woes

New Contributor

iOS users trying to re-authenticate to the captive portal using their Google credentials can't get past the username prompt. I've tried to "forget the network", clear Safari cache, join other networks and re-join the captive portal network wth no effect. Video LINK of problem in action. This is happening across multiple iOS clients. I found suggestions of "resetting network settings" but I have a problem with a supposed solution that affects your device with networks outside of my corporate network. I'm unsure yet if this is a Ruckus problem or an iOS problem though. Just trying to see if anyone else may have experienced this. So far no reports of Andriod based phones having this issue, only iOS.




Can you please check below Ruckus self help article to validate the configuration on cloud side ? If the config is correct as per below we would need to debug the issue further for which you could open a Ruckus ticket and TSE could sync over remote session to assist further.

Best Regards


Hi Vineet_nejwala. Yes, the config is correct and was implemented last year. Has been working for a year until this new issue that has come up in the last weeks. I will submit a ticket as you suggested. Thanks

RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @LAFA-TECH, Thanks for sharing your situation!

Based on the video attached and the results seen, this is a known behavior due to Design Intent by iOS:

Here are the steps you need to follow to get connected successfully:

1. Connect to the target SSID

2. Click "Connect with Google"

3. Copy the URL ""


4. Click "Cancel" at the right upper corner


5. Click "Use Without Internet"


6. Paste the URL from #3 to Safari

7. Click "Connect with Google" and log in with credentials

Please try these steps and let us know how it goes, we are glad to assist you!

Best Regards,

Abiel Bermudez | Senior Technical Support Engineer

New Contributor

thanks for the reply, but that is not the issue.  That is the process we were following and have not had an issue with since the captive portal implementation. on a call with support today, Suresh referenced documentation for a known cause with this due to an update to iOS.    He swapped us over to using the default google page rather than the ruckus app.

"Please ask the client to connect to wifi and see you are facing issue
Currently we are using default google page instead of ruckus app
After the remote session does any client facing redirection issue on the wlan?
Please let us know the issue's current status and how we can proceed further with this case."