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AP disconnects from controller

I have a single AP deployment and it keeps disconnecting from the cloud controller.  In the Cloud controller interface I see "AP disconnected from the cloud=controller", "AP's keep-alive packet was not received by the cloud controller", "AP is connec...

Application analytics broken since Nov 13th @ midnight

Already opened a ticket but their response was first "Make sure Application Visibility is turned on", which is funny because thats not an option in Ruckus Cloud. Their other suggestions: Recreate the wifi networks and try accessing the platform from...

dara3 by New Contributor III
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500: Internal Server Error

This is happening a lot. Often enough that the platform is unusable today. First it was telling me there was 'No clients connected'. Refreshed and that corrected itself back to 79-clients. Then I tried to view AP's and it hasn't recovered. Time:Mon...

dara3 by New Contributor III
  • 10 replies
  • 2 kudos 'Down for maintenance'. has been offline for several hours, presumably for an unplanned maintenance. I hope? I mean you would tell us right? Right in the middle of a transition from Ruckus Unleashed. You dont even have so much as a Status page for ...

dara3 by New Contributor III
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