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Venue Rename or Delete Issue

I can't rename the Venue name after I create it. It should be changeable with a new name. Also the Venue cannot be deleted if there is address and other information added. Once you remove that detail, it will then allow you to Delete the Venue.

Cannot Add new AP

Under Venue, tried to add a new AP and pasted serial number into the Serial number field and would never take it. Then hand typed and it still does not take it. An Error event happens each time saying it could not add Access Point. Then I accidentall...

.1X WLAN deploy

Trying to create a 1x WLAN but fails when adding it to the venue, I created the WLAN on the Networks section and added my AAA server to Services section, what could be hapenning? My AAA server is behind NAT and i've entered its local address 10.x.x.x...

Seamless GUI transition from Cloud to Unleased

Is there no way to get the Cloud interface onto Unleashed? It would be much slicker to have the same, or close to the same, interface for both products. I can envision a large portion of the Unleased user base wanting Cloud management and why have tw...

dan_lamay by New Contributor III
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